happy child
happy child

Every child deserves a bright future.

This is the simple idea behind why we started Bryt.

As we looked at the education landscape in India, we realized that our education was largely rote-based; children would memorize information and repeat what they learnt in exams. There was very little focus on skill development across the vast majority of schools in India. Focus on essential 21st century skills like critical & creative thinking, problem solving, communication & language expression, socio-emotional learning, confidence and leadership was lacking in our education.

We wanted to change this!

Meet our Team

Srinivasan Chandrasekar
Srinivasan Chandrasekar Founder and CEO

Srini has more than 3 decades of experience managing and growing software and service businesses globally with responsibility over revenue generation, marketing, product development & operations.

Before founding Bryt, Srini was the COO of Zenoti, where he was responsible for all aspects of the company’s product development, and post-sale operations. Prior to that he has held various management and technical roles, including Partner Director of Product Management for Azure at Microsoft, COO of Aztecsoft Ltd., and CTO of Sumtotal Systems.

His passion for education and creating social impact has led him to the education sector, where he hopes to transform primary school education in India. Srini has an MS in Computer Science from Colorado State University and a B.Tech in Computer Science from IIT Madras.

Vaishali Mudgal
Vaishali Mudgal Academic Director

Vaishali brings more than 20 years of experience in school education, academic publishing, and teacher training, and has impacted tens of thousands of children and thousands of teachers through her work. A strong advocate of experiential learning, she specializes in curriculum and pedagogy design. She is a published author of course material for Early Years Learning and ELT and has also worked extensively with the affordable education sector to create innovative and empowering solutions for social change.

Vaishali has donned many hats working in reputed organisations like Amity International, Next Education, HPPI and Eupheus Learning, as an educator, headmistress, curriculum design expert, and author, and has excelled in all of them. Her work on addressing pedagogical challenges of Out-of-School-Children received accolades from UNICEF and was identified as an ‘Innovation in Education’ at the Asia Education Summit 2016, Bangkok. Vaishali holds a Master’s degree in English and a B.Ed from Delhi University.

Vishwath Mohan
Vishwath Mohan CTO

Vish is an AI and systems expert. He played a pivotal role at Google, Mountain View, helping make Android the most secure mainstream OS in the world.

As CTO he is shaping the technology vision at Bryt and driving the engineering roadmap. Applying and enhancing the state of the art in AI to shape the future of learning is what Vish is here to do.

He holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of Texas.

Bina Jeyabalan Director, Program Success

Bina has vast experience in varying fields, from the Finance sector where she was awarded by the RBI for policy making in finance, to teaching in Gymboree, a US based education system, to conducting training and team building sessions for Corporates and to being an entrepreneur for over 10 years. She was one the Top 3 Women Entrepreneurs as part of the Pink Power competition for Leading Women in Business.

As Program Director at Bryt, Bina puts the multifaceted skills that she has developed to perfect use.

Bina holds a Master's degree in Finance.

Minhaj Hassan Director, Program Operations

Minhaj is a Management Consultant and Data Analyst par excellence. He has an aptitude for problem-solving and strategic thinking and an affinity for numbers. Minhaj’s profound belief in the transformative power of education led him to Bryt.

As Director of Operations and Customer Success at Bryt, Minhaj manages key areas such as Procurement and Administration, Customer Relations, Payments, Logistics and Distribution to Partner Schools, and the BrytStar Championship.

Minhaj holds an MBA from IIM Ahmedabad.

Gopi Krishna
Gopi Krishna Director, School Partnerships

Gopi is a Partnerships Manager with skills that include building strong relationships within the education ecosystem, managing clients, driving business development initiatives, and effectively engaging stakeholders.

Gopi is here to deliver impactful education and foster a brighter future for young learners.

He holds a Master's from King's College London.

Manal Hassan Director, UX & Design

Manal is a designer with 7 years of experience crafting design experiences in this dynamic startup landscape. With a passion for user-centric design and a keen eye for detail, she blends creativity and strategy to drive innovation. As Director UX & Design at Bryt she is creating the perfect canvas for schools to work with and create masterpieces on.

Manal holds an Engineering degree from RVCE Bengaluru.

Meet our Board Members

Pradeep Singh
Pradeep Singh Vice Chairman, Pratham USA and Chairman, Aditi Consulting

In a career spanning over 40 years, Pradeep spent 10 years at Microsoft, 20 years building Aditi and Talisma and another 10 years with VidyaNext, an ed-tech startup.

He still has active business interests in Aditi Consulting, Altoura, Brand Math Ventures and Systemantics.

Pradeep holds an MBA from Harvard Business School and an Engineering degree from IIT Delhi.

Charu Srinivasan
Charu Srinivasan Corporate Vice President, Microsoft

Charu leads the Azure Core engineering leads the Azure Core engineering organization for Compute and Cloud Native technologies. Charu represents Microsoft in industry and government-led forums and is a member of the G20 Empower working group on Women in STEM and FICCI Science, Technology, and Innovation (ST&I) committee. She is a Board member on the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) National Committee on Technology and helped create the founding vision for CII’s Centre of Excellence on Digital Transformation.

Charu holds a bachelor's degree in computer science from Anna University and a master's degree in computer science from University of California, Santa Barbara.